Sightseeing and annual events

The “Poda” Nature Conservation Area
The Reserve is only 2 km away from “Kraimorie quarter” and you can observe the life and nests of more than 250 bird species there.

The “Saint Anastasia” Island
You can visit the Island with a tourist ship. There is a museum, a restaurant, a lighthouse and guest rooms for the tourists, who wish to stay for the night there.

The antique and medieval “Foros” Fortress and the old Port
It is located in “Poda” area, next to the Old Bridge and the Nature Conservation Center. There is a parking near the place.

The “Kafka”(“Kabata”) Cap
It is 10 km away from Burgas. You can find a fisherman`s hut there. Underwater there are carst caves, on the shore you can find fossils and also see strange rock formations.

The “Tchengene Skele” Area
A fisherman`s village par excellence, inhabited by fishermen all through the year. It is also a reserve area, full of fisherman`s huts, boats etc. You can also observe many rare and endangered bird species there.

The “Pimen Zografski” Church
This unique church is in build in honour of the bulgarian saint Pimen Zografski – a reknown and important church painter and patron, who established and helped a lot of churches to be build and restaurated.

Spirit of Burgas
A rock/pop/dance music festival, honoured by top wolrd bands and star musicians, that is celebrated directly on the sea shore on multiple stages.

The Festival of Sand Figures
It is celebrated each year in july and the exhibition is brand new each year and is thematically linked with different figures from movies, comics, tales etc. The figures are made up of sand of course.

The “Flora” Exhibition
This is an old and beloved flower and garden exhibition, which is greatly visited by tourists and guests and by the city natives as well. Open from 20th till 27th of may.

The “Burgas i Moreto” Music Festival (i.e. “Burgas and the Sea”)
Starts every year on the 1st of august.
The first time was in 1973. It is a countrywide popular competitive fest, which is honoured and loved by young and old, but also by respected and established singers as well.

International Folklore and Dance Festival Burgas
It is open from 18th till 22th of august and is under the patronage of the Mayor and the Municipality of th city of Burgas. Since its beginning in 1965 till now, the festival has bid welcome to more than 400 folk ensambles and 18 000 folk dancer from many countries.

Sofia Film Fest “Na brega” (“On the coast”)
It starts annually on the 12th of march.
It is a festival for new and “independent” movies, which is a part of the “Sofia Film Fest”, but being celebrated specially in Burgas.